Welcome to the Murray Meds Cannabis Crop Care Team

It is an exciting time at Murray Meds, as our small team expands with the addition of our crop care technicians. We are eager to welcome Leam, Zoolla, Tia, Dylan and Stoph to the team. This talented and enthusiastic group brings with them a unique combination of experience and knowledge. Our technicians have varied backgrounds and qualifications in horticulture, landscaping, organic growing and hemp production.

Trained on the stringent security and quality requirements of the medicinal cannabis industry, our technicians ensure our crop is of the highest quality and is compliant with all federal and state regulations. Their engagement with Murray Meds helps to shape the cannabis industry in Australia. We welcome our new team members and look forward to their contribution to the production high-quality medicinal cannabis.

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  1. Karin Mackay

    Very exciting developments. Looking forward to seeing more articles.

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