Murray Meds Granted GMP Licence

Murray Meds took a significant step forward in providing patients with affordable medical cannabis following the granting of their TGA GMP licence. Australia’s TGA (Therapeutic Drug Administration) is internationally respected as a leading regulatory agency and we are proud to have achieved this licencing approval. Managing Director Nan-Maree Schoerie said, “By cultivating our cannabis outdoors we have substantially reduced the price of the active ingredient when compared with other cultivation techniques, and we want to ensure that this benefit flows through to patients. We were inspired on our journey to provide affordable quality medicine after talking to people like Neil and Angela King.”  

Two serious accidents, the most recent in 2008, has left Melburnian, Neil, with multiple chronic injuries, a disabling muscle movement disorder and dyspnoea. Neil, who no longer wishes to take opioids, was fortunate that his specialists and GP all supported his desire to use medicinal cannabis. Neil commented, “I only recently started the treatment and the medicinal cannabis has already dramatically improved my muscle movement and dyspnoea”. His wife Angela said, “Neil was in a cycle of pain causing anxiety and anxiety causing pain”. The medicinal cannabis has broken the cycle improving their quality of life.  The couple are however finding it difficult to cover the cost of the treatment and called Murray Meds to see if we could help.

“We are delighted that we are now a step closer in being able to assist families like the Kings get the benefits of medicinal cannabis,” said Nan-Maree. “Ours is a holistic and sustainable approach, using regenerative and organic farming practices, and solar power to produce medicinal cannabis the way nature intended. There is mounting evidence to indicate that cannabis grown in full spectrum sunlight has enhanced secondary metabolites, increasing the potential benefit for patients.”

Cultivating and processing affordable products to GACP and medical standards ensures that our partners can confidently provide these benefits to their customers.

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