Why Organic Medicinal Cannabis?

Nature provides wonderful foods and medicines, and Cannabis is proving to be one of nature’s best. At Murray Meds we are passionate about growing nature’s medicine the way nature intended! For this reason Murray Meds grows Organic Medicinal Cannabis outdoors, using organic and regenerative farming principles. 

 It is widely acknowledged that plants grown organically produce the best quality produce. This is why our cannabis is grown using compost and fertilisers derived from organic sources. Regenerative farming methods create healthy soils using natural organisms to break down organic matter and green nitrogen rich plant materials to regenerate the soil with minimal disturbance. This allows fungi, bacteria, earth worms and microorganisms to thrive, providing a perfect environment for strong healthy cannabis plant roots. Strong roots that produce healthy cannabis flowers. To control pests and diseases we use biological controls such as beneficial insects.

Growing outdoors also enables us to leverage the benefits of sunlight, promoting strong healthy plant growth without the need for expensive artificial light.  UV radiation from the sun is the primary germicide in the environment and together with good air circulation helps control moulds and mildew.

Most Australian cannabis cultivation companies are growing medicinal cannabis in sophisticated strictly controlled greenhouses under artificial lights. The plants are grown in Coir, Rockwool or other similar soil less media. All the nutrients required for plant growth are introduced to the medicinal cannabis plants in an environment where the focus is on growing the biggest flowers. The plants are further manipulated into flowering early to maximise the commercial benefits for the cultivators. 

At Murray Meds we believe that growing organic medicinal cannabis in its natural environment preserves the many benefits of this complex plant. In summary we follow the following Organic Certification Standards  and principles for healthy cannabis plant growth.

Organic Medicinal Cannabis

All of this is not only in place to ensure the longevity of the farm and minimise the harm done to our land, but also has the end users in mind. Patients will often be ill, or immuno-compromised it is important to ensure they are not subject to any unwanted chemical transfer from the farmer to patient.

Organic Medicinal Cannabis was the obvious choice, read here for more information on how we meet the EU GMP medicinal cannabis requirements. 

Please note for security reasons and federal laws, we cannot show images of our site or plants.

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