Medicinal Cannabis Products

We are proud to offer cost effective sun grown Medicinal Cannabis dried flower ready for extraction. Pharmaceutical grade Medicinal Cannabis can be extracted using Carbon Dioxide or Ethanol to produce a medical grade resin, this resin is then formulated and sold as medicinal cannabis oil and bottled. All our products come with a Certificate of Analysis and are tested to meet the highest quality standards. 

Please note this product is only available to fully licensed companies and Murray Meds does not sell directly to the public or patients. 

Depending on the country in which you live please consultant a licensed medical practitioner. 

Patients will often be ill, or immuno-compromised so it is important to ensure they are not subject to any unwanted chemical or microbiological transfer from the farm to patient. This is why Murray Meds complies with the strict government legislation and regulations around medical products such as the PIC/S GMP, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the Australian Office of Drug Control (ODC) and various Therapeutic Goods Orders (TGO) specifically the TGO 93 and  TGO 100.     

Organic Medicinal Cannabis is the obvious choice for us, read here for more information on how we meet the EU GMP medicinal cannabis requirements.

Medicinal cannabis and the SAS scheme

Please follow the link to the Australian TGA website to read more. The TGA, Cultivators, Manufacturers and Medical Professionals have the responsibility to encourage the use of medicines that are included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). These products have been evaluated to ensure they meet strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness.

However, medical practitioners (prescribers) should consider all clinically appropriate treatment options that are included in the ARTG before applying to access an unapproved medicinal cannabis product under the SAS.

Murray Meds is working hard to get medicinal cannabis products onto the Australian ARTG. 

To date, the TGA has approved SAS applications including, but not limited to, the following indications:

  • chemotherapy-induced nausea and
  • vomiting
  • refractory paediatric epilepsy
  • palliative care indications
  • cancer pain
  • neuropathic pain
  • spasticity from neurological conditions
  • anorexia and wasting associated with chronic illness (such as cancer).

The above list is provided as an overview only please refer to the TGA Website or your medical Doctor. 

Medicinal Cannabis Products

Talking with your doctor

Many patients find themselves in the situation of wanting to learn more or try about medical cannabis, but feel uncomfortable bringing this up with their doctor. This is in part because the medical community has been, as a whole, been slow to realise the benefits of medicinal cannabis. Doctors are now playing catch-up and trying to keep ahead of their patients’ knowledge of the many benefits. There are many patients already using medical cannabis, but don’t know how to tell their doctors about this for fear of being chided or criticized.

We encourage patients is to be entirely open and honest with your physicians and to have high expectations of them. Tell them that you want to evaluate or use medical cannabis as part of your care program and that you expect them to be educated about it, and as a minimum to refer you to a physician who is able to assist you.

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Contact us if you need more information and you are appropriately licensed to supply medicinal cannabis products to patients. We are not able to supply products or provide advise directly to patients. 

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