Australian Medicinal Cannabis Academy

Since the ODC introduced a medicinal cannabis framework in 2016, the Australian industry has been scrambling to catch up with the decades-worth of knowledge in other more advanced markets such as Canada and the US. Given this gap in local knowledge and experience, Murray Meds intends to open up a Medicinal Cannabis Training Academy to share critical industry know-how and  practical operational experience to help the Australian workforce and local market up-skill and stay competitive.
high quality medicinal cannabis
The Murray Meds Cannabis Academy will offer world class training on the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis, including:

Course content


Background on the medicinal cannabis industry - includes licencing, permits, and regulatory requirements.

Botany 101

Understanding the medicinal cannabis plant - anatomy, cultivars, phenotype, chemotype, growth cycles, etc.

Cultivation systems

Practical crop care for medicinal cannabis, e.g. irrigation, nutrition, climate controls, grow systems, canopy management, etc.

Process control

How to capture medicinal cannabis-critical workflows in a standarised manner, e.g. hygiene, waste, site access, security, etc.


Medicinal cannabis workplace industry risks and risk reduction requirements for workers/employers.


Integrated Pest Management for medicinal cannabis, i.e. identifying common plant diseases/pests, and treatment options.

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